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Incredible Hulk Bites

Inspired by a recipe from Siggi’s yogurt, I made some tweaks and came up with these bright green gems. They make for a great snack with a good balance of carbohydrate, protein, healthy fat, and fiber. Their taste is a little sweet and a little salty, with a bright earthy flavor thanks to the matcha they

Jenny’s Anti-inflammatory Snack Mix

I get asked a lot, “what is a healthy snack?” To build a good snack that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized until your next meal, make it well-rounded. Include some protein and fiber to help you feel full, as well as some healthy carbohydrate to give your brain a boost. Pulling from a


Sandy’s Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies

Despite my mother letting us have cookies for dinner growing up, I turned out to be a pretty healthy adult. Perhaps that’s because when it was “cookie dinner” night, she made us these nutritious and delicious whole wheat peanut butter cookies. We always had them with sliced apple, cheddar cheese, and a glass of milk.

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